Saturday, January 26, 2013



Victor is a professional model who works and lives in Toronto and can often be seen during Spring and Fall Fashion Weeks! He was Born is Africa Sierra Lone, Freetown and Grew up in Canada. He is natural in front of the camera which can be explained from this quote from his modeling bio:

"Being attractive is not about how much make up you wear or how fly you think you have to look. To me being attractive is about glowing; being happy from within because you are free to be yourself. On the runway I put on many faces and wear fashions that are as far from my personality as you can get, but I try to put a little bit of myself in my walk and in my attitude so that I not only sell the collection, but also sell myself as a confident and attractive man".

That he is!  To see more please visit the my galleries section to the right.

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jim nostram said...

spectacularly good looking thanks