Wednesday, November 05, 2008

First Copy of Dance Through Life/ First Ballet Creole Poster!!!

I took today off to absorb and reflect on the events of the past 24 hours, about noon the post knocked at the door with the first copy of our new book in hand! I nervously signed and then opened the package... My first whole book... I have said it before but there is just no describing the feeling you get when you have the finished product from your creative endeavors and hold it in your hand...

Kevin came by and we had to document the moment appropriately with a final picture!

The blessings continued as Kevin brought the finished poster and card for the fall winter Ballet Creole season! I had taken the photo a couple months ago in a Catholic Church located on College Avenue in Toronto. Its been a very satisfying few days... and I am blessed with a good friend in Kevin! Thanks my friend!
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Ocean said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BOOK! I'm sure it'll be a collector's item! :-) Where can I purchase a copy??