Sunday, November 16, 2008

A New Blog

To those of you who know me you know that photography is not my only claim to fame. I started as an illustrator/designer in the creative field. You also know that there is a big part of my life that can best be described as Nerdy in the extreme. To celebrate this aspect of my life I have established a second blog!

This blog will trace my professional involvement with Star Trek, Star Wars and other Sci-Fi endeavors over the past 19 years. With a new Star Trek movie about to drop I also will be providing my thoughts about the new JJ Abrams movie. If you are at all interested in this genre feel free to visit my new site Trek Geek
For those who follow this blog...fear not...its not going anywhere!

Note: All images and text (not specified) is copyrighted by Christopher Cushman. This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.

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Jamar Herrod said...

Interesting. Ive seen the show on TV but Ive never gotten deep within it. Its good for me when it is really quiet around the house and not many people are around.