Thursday, June 25, 2009

How I CHoose To Remember - Rest In Peace Micheal Jackson

Growing up in the 60's in Motown you developed a certain pride in the Detroit music scene... It was an integral part of being a Detroiter. My father was a landscaper, the largest in Detroit and he had many high profile clients. Some jobs he preferred to work him self, one of them was Berry Gordy's mansion on West Boston and Hamilton. He would go on Saturdays and take my brother and myself. We got to meet several of Motown's best... Marvin, Smokie, and the Jackson 5. I was a kid and MJ was huge and larger than life! I really idolized him then. Soon Motown moved to the west coast and father went into the tool sales business but MJ kept making us move. In college I saved up my measly part time wages to get his Off The Wall Album... I burned through a couple vinyl versions before CD's became the rage... I bought Thriller and Bad and then things started to change... MJ started to change... I'm not going to go there tonight but needless to say MY MJ was at his peek with Off The Wall and Thriller and I can still remember watching the Motown 25 special when his performance danced into our hearts, minds and imaginations! The Hat, The Glove... Simply amazing! Tonight this is how I choose to remember Micheal Jackson...

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