Sunday, June 07, 2009

LUMINATO 09 - The Blues!

Born in the Mississippi Delta, of deep African roots, the music known as the blues has spread all over the world. Everywhere it goes, it absorbs influences from other traditions, growing ever richer and more colourful. This past Saturday Torontonians got to experience this first hand with the global richness of world-renowned singer, instrumentalist and composer Taj Mahal, whose eclectic - and always danceable - body of work reflects his unceasing musical curiosity. Also featured was Mali's Mamadou Diabaté, master of the 21-string African kora who really impressed the crowds with his talents at LUMINATO 09.

As I waited for my friends to join me at one of the King Street subway stations I was truck at the vibrancy of the city.

Roy Thompson Hall and Toronto sky line popping up faster than one can keep up with, nearly eclipsing the mighty CN Tower.

It was because of the LUMINATO festival that the CN Tower began to show off its ever changing glow of various colors... Here reflected in the new facade of the RBC Building!

Alvin Youngblood Hart Trio

Mamadou Diabate!

The Taj Mahal Trio finished the evening...simply amazing!

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