Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pop Pop!

Pop Pop! That's what Polly says when she really likes something! Last night was Polly's Gemini Birthday Jam at Suba Lounge and all I need to say is Pop Pop! That party was hype! I hope it was everything she planned it to be! Here are some of the highlights I can show you... I know many asked if they could get a copy of their pictures from last night so if you had your pic taken and want a copy Ill be passing them on to Polly later in the week! I'm sure she would be happy top send them to you! Happy Birthday Guuirl!!! Pop Pop!



Nigel and Cat!


Oh hell no!;-)

Poly making her entrance! Love that shade of Tiffany's blue!


Polly and Unruly Twin!


JJ Rock!

Andy givin us some....


Now! You want to take this Now!;-)
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