Sunday, December 06, 2009


Sorry gang I fell off the Earth for a moment during the past week and I missed posting on World AIDS Day which was Tuesday December 1st. That was the day of my kidney stone procedure with the fantastic folks at St. Mikes in Toronto. The procedure was actually no worse that a trip to the dentist, that is to say there is more apprehension then actual things to worry about. I got home and rested fairly well that night. It was the next day I fell off the edge... Pieces began to move down their inevitable path and I have to say the pain was nothing short of extraordinary, even compared to what I went through prior. I ramped up on the drugs they gave me and was only able to find comfort for a few minuets to a few hours at a time... same for sleep. Full on drugs only sacked me from doing anything, and I hated that. By Saturday I had reached my limit of pain x duration and went back to St. Mikes...within seconds of getting a bed, I began to feel better, now in the halo of morphine. New xrays confirmed the break up and movement of the stone... it was not what I had expected and quite frankly half of the stone is still logged where it was. One major jagged edged piece was 3/4 of its way down.... The Dr. on staff gave me some new drugs which would help lessen the pain and remove my need for the pain killers... pretty cool. I am feeling on the mend, at least for now.

Kidney Stones are one of the most painful illnesses on record, but generally its not a fatal one. For all of my personal rantings I want to keep it in perspective that there are worse illnesses in the world. There is such a long way to go to find a cure for AIDS. People continue to get sick and die, the thoughts of mine have been the personal toll to myself and my friends which has been enormous... Its been a long time since the years I was loosing 20 - 30 friends a year... And it only seems to be better now. We need to continue to push our knowledge towards a cure for all!

Every 12 seconds someone contracts HIV.

Every 16 seconds someone dies from AIDS.

Number of people with HIV in 2008:
TOTAL: 33,400,000
ADULTS: 31,300,000
WOMEN: 15,700,000
CHILDREN: 2,100,000
Number of AIDS deaths in 2008:
TOTAL: 2,000,000
ADULTS: 1,700,000
CHILDREN: 280,000

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