Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Of The World!

In 12 years living in the great city of Toronto I have managed only three trips to the CN Tower. For various reasons, the crowds of tourists, my fear of heights more than anything else. Having missed this trip during Javon's last visit in June we made our way over a couple days before Christmas. The lines were not existent so we were able to go right on up. Since my last trip up the CN Tower folks replaced the floor of the elevators with glass panels! Yikes.. so for the 58 second trip to the top I stood like a dork with my eyes tightly closed! On top it was much easier to deal with the height! So the distance between these before and after shots is 1150 feet! In 1995 the tower was named one of the Modern Wonders of the World! and continues to hold the record for the tallest free standing tower in the world at 1,8020.9 feet tall!

Look for the red dot when CLICKING either the image above or below to enlarge and find the home base of EPIPANYNoir! The view from the 1150' level is 100 miles on a clear day! The CN Tower is struck by lighting a average of 75 times a year thus demystifying the saying lightning never strikes twice in the same spot!

Here Javon stands on the Glass floor which is made of a single piece of glass 256 square feet in size and is five times stronger than the average high rise flooring! Still I had nothing to do with getting anywhere near it!

The Burj Dubai in Dubai is set to take the record from the CN Tower on January 4th 2010 as the tallest tower in the world at 2,684'!
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