Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Detroit Defined

I didn't watch the Superbowl, Don't like American football.  I don't like Chrysler, don't get me wrong they are ok but Ford is my preferred vehicle of choice when considering American cars.  I'm back and forth on Eminem, loved 8 mile, hate some of his work but also gave him props for a lot of it.  

I DO LOVE DETROIT!  With out qualification.  Rochelle Riley who writes for the Detroit Free Press correctly calls it out, "Detroit has two truths"   The truth about shootings and advanced urban decay, but there has always been another truth about a world class city, home to Motown music, and the automotive industry.   

She writes "When we hear Detroit -- in a choir's song or a rapper's beat -- we feel the sweat of a century of being the best at something. We laugh at the gray winter that reminds us how strong we are. We taste the bitterness of pushing for better.  Know what else we celebrate? When someone else gets it -- for a moment, for a night, for a weekend.  We celebrated when people came in 2006 and saw us put on a Super Bowl as good as any in history.  We celebrated in 2009 when Ford Field hosted an NCAA Final Four in which Michigan State made us stand and cheer.   And Sunday night, as we sat in crowded dens or lonely kitchens or sports bars here and anywhere in America, we celebrated a moment where people could see that other truth."

To me what struck me most was the impact this piece has, a down and out city, a down and out car company and a once down and out rapper stood up and in two minuets looked the media and their stereotypes in the face and punched back after years of taking it on the chin!  It is simply an exhilarating thing to feel!  To quote the Choir director "Detroit has a sound track and the lyrics are: If you haven't been here, then you don't know"

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