Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Black History Month Celebration

(L-R) Lali Mohamed, Me, Rodney Diverlus
When my good friend Lali called me earlier in January to ask me if I would like to participate in a function at Ryerson University in February I was all in!  One of the missing pieces to my life here in Toronto has been a larger involvement in the community like I had in Detroit.  I had thought that my "Men of Color" days were long behind me and I could not see how I could find the same involvement in the Toronto Community.   My perceptions took a positive turn with my involvement in tonights program, Queering Black History Month.  I was able to contribute by showing 16 of my images from FIERCE! as well as create the event poster!  These are for me meaningful ways to contribute, be apart of the place I now call home.

In the process tonight I also learned so much about the rich history of black queer people in Canada! There was much discussion that this history must be captured, and written about and archived which has excited me to the possibilities that many of my images will ultimately have a home here as well!

Thank you Lali Mohamed..This is twice in a year that you have pulled me up, turned me around and pushed me forward down a clearer path.  Words can not convey my feelings tonight.

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