Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kraizie Kat

Let me start out by saying that I pulled together 70+ images from the collection I have for this very special artist.... I pushed them back to him and had him cull them down to a somewhat smaller list that I could choose from.  When I received the final list back I realized what a terrible task I had given him!  All of his work has a resonance that makes taking any photo out nearly impossible.  I told him I would use 12 and must apologize that I could only get it down to 16!

The photographer is Kraizie Kat and he hails from the region between London and Reading England. More nights than not for the past few years he has been a conversation companion in the evenings, we share a love for photography and a similar taste in subject matter and over the last two years he has become very prolific and the go to photographer for many models.

Tonight I have pulled together several images that show off his command of color and tone. The masterful sepia tones and duo tones make his images fascinating to me... Many of his images are so life like I want to reach through the monitor to the other side of the ocean.  The poses he employs can be editorial and dramatic but they can also be very human, the combination draws you immediately in every time!

It is important to showcase his work because it is real and comes from a special place,  it has a soul of its own.  This is a photographer to watch for in the future! 

To accompany his images tonight I asked Kraize Kat to respond to a few of my questions!
One of the things that sets your photography apart for me is the way you create the tonal quality in your images.  What drives you to create, enhance these tones?
I have never given this too much thought before, so the short answer is,
because I just do it, and because I love it. But after some thought, here is the long answer. One of the things that got me started with photographing models was to be able to use the images as references for my drawings/artworks. Digital art is of course directly connected to digital photography and as such it's only natural that before long I begin to utilise the opportunities and possibilities to create artworks with the pictures I shot with digital tools. I think of visual art as communication through imagery (in my case most preferably done in a beautiful way). Colours and tones evoke feelings and associations in our minds. For example, golden or warm tones are often glorious or happy, blues can be cool, cold or melancholic, sepias and browns can be sensual or nostalgic, purples can be otherworldly, spiritual, and so on. They can also be strong or light, saturated or subtle, solid or soft. When effectively applied they can be employed to convey moods and communicate beyond just the form of the subject matter, this is where sometimes using colours or tones in a specific way can be a lot more 'successful' for an image than in its original colours or in black and white. From a purely visual perspective, they offer further possibilities (to change/enhance the look of the image, make the model stand out more and so on), though of course natural colours and black and whites will always have their place.


After all of the shoots you have completed so far, what is the most important lesson you have learned Photographically" ? How did you over come the challenge?
To make the best of your resources and opportunities, this can be in terms of your equipments (cameras, lenses, lighting and so on - if your camera can't handle a bit of low light for example, use a tripod), settings (studio, location, or your kitchen space - you don't have to wait until you can afford a big expensive studio to make images that look like it could have been taken in one), the weather situation (unless your mind is made up to shoot with bright  sunshine and blue skies, if it rains you can always shoot under the bridge, car park or sheltered spaces, or have it as an option to shoot indoors), and so on. This will be helped greatly by developing your skills and getting a good grasp of photographic principles and technicalities to go with your talent and creativity. 

What is the ultimate goal for you and your work?  Books, Galleries?  How do you want your work to be seen as in the end?
Definitely as prints whether in books or galleries. I have quite a few book ideas to be realised, as well as collaborations and commercial projects in the pipeline.

Model: Gus A
Model: Pokyes
Model: ToluA
Model: Nazstar
Model: Derrick T
Model Nick Daniel
Model: Daniel Mendez

To see more of his work you can click HERE and HERE

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