Saturday, May 26, 2012

They Were Us

I have run across several photo feeds that feature black male couples from the past... The supposition is that they are gay couples romantically linked in some way, at the minimum they are clearly very good friends.  I prefer to view many of them as intimates and as such it is obvious that not much has really changed over the years... perhaps we are a little more out in front in society then the fellas were in these images yet here they are staring back at us through the ages confident that we understand them.  Ill say it yet again photography has an unprecedented way of documenting and communicating the truth.

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Guy Zulma said...

Thanks a lot for those words and old pictures. The one i deeply observe, this photo which seems so true : the fourth. These two men are so cute, the way they looked at the camera, i'm sure it was the same glances when they looked at them each other.

Mardi Reid said...

51 THIS POST REALLY JUST MADE MY DAY!!! My eyes always widen with delight when I see old footage and images of Black gay Love on the Net or in Magazines, books, etc.... It makes me that much more empowered when I see them, and also warm and fuzzy inside..can't lie..Thanks Chris BABY!!!