Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day Epiphany

I'd like to say that Mothers Day was spent spent-having dinner with the family, having a good time... This year it was not to be as Mom became drastically ill shortly before the weekend. I made my way back to Grand Rapids to be there... it was that bad. Each day was spent in the waiting room or being by her bedside, letting her know we were there. Chatting with my father, brothers, sisters and in-laws... we re-shared many good stories and moments throughout the weekend. On Sunday... Mothers Day, Mother was better, could understand us... tried to talk but was only able to mouth the words she was speaking due to the respirator. She told me that she loved me and that I was not to forget that... I told her the same. It was then that I really became scared in a deeper way, I cant explain why, I just was.

My brother brought his daughter in the room.. the youngest in the family. Its no secret that Mother is taken with her in every-way, but when she came into the room in my brothers arms Mother lit up like someone had just rejuvenated her from her illness...arms outstretched, IV's and all. I caught the look in her face and was struck by what I saw in her eyes. In an instant it took me back all 46 years! I had seen that look before, a look only a mother could give... more importantly it told me everything a son could hope for ...the pure love of a Mother. The look of hope for the future. Mother is a little better today due in-part to the youngest member of our clan.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

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It's not always easy to say how you really feel to someone, especially in my family. Its not that We don't have the feelings, its just that they run deeper and it isn't easy to express them to each other. Add to that there has been a thing hanging out there with my parents for a few years now, not sure how it got started, not sure what it is all about but I've grown tired of it because it separates us. My memories of my childhood are nothing short of magical to me. I have good parents and more specifically this week a great mother who I believe understands me on some level, knew that I was different and supported me when I needed it the most, allowing me to grow up to be who I am today. Though I have toughed up over the years, I am a soft person of deep emotion and creativity on the inside and I owe those traits to her, the one who brought me into the world. I've given it allot of thought and wanted to tell her by doing something special for her on Mothers day!

A personal thanks to the folks at Apple (ilife6) which allowed me to put it together in away that I never thought possible and the folks at You Tube who allow us to put this up for the world even when they hardly make a dime off of it!