Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Final Frost

Its May 1994 and Monty and I are driving down Seven Mile Road headed towards his Mothers house. It's A nice cool but sunny spring day. As we slow to cross some tracks the world changes in such a radical way as to catch both of our attentions.
Camera in tow we agree that the phenomenon has to be captured in some way. Over the previous evening the north/south tracks were covered in a thick white frost that was preserved by cool airflow forced through that area by the surrounding buildings and trees. The temperature out side of the zone is 65 degrees and quickly rising causing the frost to begin to evaporate in a light fog. Everything you could see for hundreds of yards is literally white as if it had snowed, yet the coating was very thin. It was a once in a lifetime backdrop... and these are some of the first pictures I ever took of Monty. Less than 20 minutes later the white was gone...

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