Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Post 250! Happy 42 Monty!

I've come to my 250th post since starting this blog in 2005 and it seems like I have just started! My 250th post is dedicated to my late friend Montrice Bellamy who would have turned 42 today. If you have been reading my previous posts Monty was very supportive of my photographic work and was one of my more prolific models early on. His support and friendship will never be forgotten! Always thinking about you buddy! Happy Birthday!

Monty at one of his and Corey's parties...

Monty and Me!

Monty, Corey and I at the Lincoln Memorial

Corey, Monty and Perry in Times Square...

Mont and Me at Toronto Pride

Which one is Stella?

Ahh simpler times... Hanging out in the park drinking malt liquor...

The Tommy Patrol!

Tongue ring action in the car!

The consummate host till the end!

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