Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sometime around 7 tonight the blog hit 30,000 unique visitors I wanted to take a moment to recognize some of the people who left comments over the past few years... These were some of the many nice comments that really motivated me to almost 300 postings so far! Thanks again for everyones kind words... Christopher

On the images:

For post "Sunny, thank you for the gleam that shows its grace...": "Love the nudes! She has beautiful skin and love the contours of the body! Yes, you have succeeded! :-)" From Blogger Brothalovacafe

For post "Mr. Smith's Been to Washington!":
Chris- "What an excellent interview. I would like to thank you and Lewis for sharing a part of life with me. I first became interested in your spot because of a your photos, you are an excellent artist. Now I am looking forward to more to come. Thank you!" From Shek's forbidden colors

For post "Leading the way...": Chris , "Great interview. Thank you for using your forum to, again, highlight the beauty that is Black Men. Jy certainly is inspiring and gives me something else to asprire to. Be Blessed! Lou" From Lewis Smith

For post "Happy Mothers Day!": "Very beautiful, touching and empowering. Love the choice of song also. I'm sure your mom is very proud of you! Thanks for sharing these personal photos..." From Ocean Morriset

For post "Coop at the Church Street Fettish Fair!": "Wow, man. Love the pictures on the blog. I can wait until I come to Canada!!" From Blogger Collective Guy

For post post "There's No Place Like Home (pt. 2)": "Glad to hear that someone else who isn't from here likes this great city of ours! Go Toronto! Great blog by the way! " From Blogger Shabaka

For post "Mom's Birthday": "I didn't know your mom, but it's her I want to thank for havng such a sensitive and gifted son." From Ocean Morrisett

For post "Herschel in Montreal": "Chris!!! They turned out sooooo good. You are so good at your kraft! It was such a pleasure to meet you." From Nicole Ryan

For post "More Water!": "I really love the way the ripples in the water radiate out from the models body, almost as if he were "dropped" into the water from above. This is a magnificent photo!" From Blogger c0nn3ction

For post "Black & White": "Such sensitivity in his face.... gorgeous work!" From Aaron Morrow

On the writing:

For post "What Remains":"Thanks for sharing. It made me cry." From Blogger Afrohomo

For post "What Remains":"The experiences and photos you shared are very moving and I trust (for you) very healing. Perry was fortunate to have you in his life. Thanks for sharing." From Blogger Brothaluvacafe

For post "What Remains":"Wow, sitting here with tears in my eyes as I reflect on what you have just shared with us. extremely powerful and insightful, thanks for the reality check that I needed to today. From Blogger Shek's forbidden colors

For post "Contemplating Memorial Day 2007":"Beautiful post Chris! I was in the first gulf war, Operation Desert Storm. I know what it's like to be in a war you don't believe in. I feel for our troops. As much patriotism the government tries to force feed us, I know these brave young men and women want to be home with their families. I know that feeling, and it hurts. I can only pray that this war doesn't get worse, before it gets better. Thanks for the post..." From Ocean Morrisett

For post "A Letter To My Mother": "This was an absolutely gorgeous entry, Christopher. If your mother was still here today, I’m sure she would appreciate and value the raw honesty, growth and indescribable beauty laced in your words. Sending you hugs and condolences. Your friend, LaLi. "

For post "M.O.C.": "What a Terrific post! Thank you for documenting this important aspect of the community. It's important that the world knows that SGL life isn't all about a party! Your images will go into the timecapsule of our lives, and one day, someone, somewhere will open it up and see that we have indeed lived and loved, through more ways than sex! Happy New Year to you! Keep up the great work! Peace, Ocean"

Note: All images and text (not specified) is copyrighted by Christopher Cushman. This site does not specify or denote the sexual orientation of any model and as such please post your comments accordingly.

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