Sunday, June 22, 2008

True Romance

Week two of operation purge! And I am or more correctly my apartment is 50% lighter and as clean as ever! My last job was my hall closet... a catch all for things that are important to me in some way. I collect things that have been or remind me of significant moments. I came across a piece that in many ways is one of the most important mementos from any of my relationships. First let me start by saying I am a romantic at heart, I believe in happy endings, redemptive endings, walking into the sunset with he one I love... Yeap..I'm straight out of a syrupy sticky Spielberg movie! Being in the life has taught me that men are generally not very romantic in nature so when it happens it carries a fair amount of impact.

So here's my story.. you can judge for your self... It's spring of 2000 and I am on a two city junket, Washington D.C. and New York. The D.C. part of the trip was for pleasure as I wanted to spend a long weekend with my friend Lewis and visit my other bud Reggie. On Friday evening we were at "the rail" (a club in DC) when this guy walks up to me and starts chatting me.. He wanted to know if I was free to hang out with him and I like an idiot declined as I had just gotten in and was trying to have fun with my friends. He asked me for my number and then disappeared. I have never been the type to be picked up at a club... so when it happens I'm like, huh???

No soooner had I gotten back to Lewis's apartment on G street when the phone rings and Lewis is handing me the phone... It's him and he wants to know if he can pick me up tomorrow night... I'm like ...umm ok. Saturday comes around and I am out with friends and enjoying the day.. but thinking about the evening to come. My curiosity has blossomed into anticipation. On the dot 7pm he is there to pick me up and we are off on our little adventure... that is after Lewis gives him a little grilling, where, when , how long... We ended up with some food and DVD's back at his house for the evening and suffice it to say we had a great time. One of the films we watched was the Thomas Crown Affair (more on this in a min.)

We met up the next day to go to the movies with my friends at the theater at Union Station and spent the rest of the day hanging out. Monday morning and my plane to NY is coming fast but I have had a great time and really wish I could stay. I asked him to plan to come to Toronto so I could show him around and we could see where this was going and then we called it a night.

It's Monday morning and I am at Regan National at 5:30 as I'm on the shuttle to JFK where I am meeting coworkers for some meetings at the Ford regional offices. I had grabbed a bagel and juice and was sitting at the gate.. basically by myself as it wasn't a very full flight. I was smiling to myself thinking how cool it was to have seen my friends but more importantly a new freind.... suddenly a hand reached out to my shoulder from behind me and I turned around to see a slightly out of breath Kevin!

I am like wow! what are you doing here? There were two planes to NY at opposite ends of the terminal, he was still catching his breath from his run across the terminal having checked the other plane. (remember this is 2000 and walkin/running from gate to gate with out a ticket to ride was still possible!) He then hands me a stack of magazines... mostly tabloids and a geographic... "here I thought you would need something to read on your flight!" "Uh ok" I stammered... thinking it was so good to see him one last time but old magazines were just a lil weird... We hugged and they called my flight and he hung around long enough to see me off.

The plane takes off and I am still trying to figure out what that was all about... It hit me...the magazines are a cover for something else! The plane is till climbing and those magazines are in the bin above my head and I cant get up... Finally the seat belt light comes off and I practically cracked my head leaping from my seat... I grab the stack and sit back down... and there it was in the copy of the Geographic... a color print out of him in front of a picture he had...the same picture as the one in the Thomas Crown Affair! A little note "Christopher, Someone in D.C. misses you! xoxo Kevin" The smile on my face couldn't be wiped off if I tried... to me this was incredibly romantic and one of the most romantic events in my adult life.

Kevin ended up coming to Toronto a few times... and while we had some great times, long distance relationships aren't easy and our moment passed. Still I think fondly of him when ever I see this picture and that same smile comes to my face.

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