Monday, June 02, 2008

EPIPHANYNoir hits 72 Countries!

On the first of February this year I was sitting at 21,000 unique visitors and had been viewed in 35 countries around the world...It was thrilling to say the least... In just a little under four months I have surged to almost 2500 hits a month and am now approaching 30,000 unique visitors from over 72 countries! This is truly heady stuff for me. I continue to contend that in the past an artist was lucky to get a showing in his or her own city and now to be picked up and enjoyed in 72+ countries... Its just hard to express how that makes me feel.

For now I will just say Thank You! To everyone who send there comments on the site or by e-mail... Thank You! Thanks to all who stand in front of me and strive to be themselves for my camera... The biggest compliment I could ever receive is an honest portrait... And to the folks at Blogger, Apple and Cannon who give me the great tools I use everyday to be able to express my vision... Thank You too!!!

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