Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toronto Pride 2008 - Saturday!

Saturday morning and the streets filled fast!

Helloooo Moto!

Condoms Anyone!?!

Celebrating 4 years of the TD Guys!

Just cause we are in Canada doesnt mean we cant influence the vote!

OK all the corporate tie-ins aside... Rainbow toilet paper!!! It's just gone too far!!!

I love my neighborhood!

The Zippy Crest Kids!!! So cute! Passing out the ne Glide floss!

Afternoon Pride Party at Rinalo and Abdi's! Awesome as ever!

Nollywood in the house!!!

There is a Singular moment in time when you realize that society is finally recognizing you as a person... Pride this year is not just a parade or a big street party in the hood... Its a commitment to diversity and this year the symbol of pride was the CN Tower wearing the pride collors for the whole city to see!

Saturday night all right for a party! Church streets all a glow...

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