Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Detroit Barack City!

Last nights Detroit appearance of Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama started with a visual pun on KISS's song "Detroit Rock City"!

Canadian ex-pat and Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm introduces the main event former Vice President Al Gore and Barack Obama... Gov. Jennifer Granholm introduced Gore and Obama, and said she was "mad as hell" about the last eight years of the administration of President George W. Bush. "Since George Bush became president, Michigan has lost 400,000 manufacturing jobs," Granholm said. "We are not here to complain. We're no whiners; we're doers in Michigan. And we're not here just to be mad. We're here tonight to get even."

Sen. Barack Obama brought his historic campaign to ground zero of the Rust Belt on Monday, asking 20,000 supporters at a raucous rally at Joe Louis Arena -- where he was endorsed by Al Gore -- to join him in his crusade of hope and faith. "I choose to believe in this great experiment in American democracy," he said. "There is a moment in the life of every generation when that spirit of hopefulness has to come through and this is our time." Gore, the former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, joined Obama on stage. "This election matters more than ever before. After eight years of lost jobs, we need change," Gore said. "After eight years of the worst most serious foreign policy mistakes, we need change."

"In Detroit and in my hometown in Chicago, children are growing up, and by the age of 8, by the age of 7, even by the age of 6, you can see the cloud passing over their eyes," he said. "They've lost the hope in the future, in their capacity to determine their own destiny."
Tonight's images were shot by Lasaunji Colston at the rally held at Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit! Thanks Soni!!!!
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