Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday 49! How The Hell Did I Get Here?

I seem to be fascinated with numbers of late.. all kinds of statistical information trying to but my life and some of the work I do into some kind of context. To be honest I feel allot of different things lately, For one I am an accomplished person, I have been in love several times and been loved back and for all of that I just don't understand how the hell I got here? And how did it happen so fast? This Thursday morning just after 11 AM I will be 49 years old.. 2557 weeks, 17900 days old! What have been doing with all of those days? Why am I not smarter and wiser after all this time?

Let me say this, I am not fact I am fairly smart and uber creative yet it seems to me that after all this time I should at least be as smart as Einstein... no? Perhaps it was the age I was born in... the space age.. technology in full effect... by the time I was in school the calculator was beginning to take some of the mental burden off of me and my class mates(for the life of me I can no longer do long division on paper... sorry I have simply forgotten it) I simply go to the calculator thats on my iphone! Ha! Half of all that important to me is on my phone! When I look back at some of the things I grew up with out its astounding... there was no zerox for the first 12 years of my life... we used something called mimeographing(highly toxic as I remember) There was no such thing as video tape for the public until I turned 14! and even then it was so expensive you would laugh... Personal computers came when I was around 21! and I was even older before they became anything truly affordable... CD's came out around the same time and I bought my first player when I turned 23! before that I played tapes and records! 33's and 45's! As I started out in the design and illustration field I remember laying out type in large sheets called galleys and photo retouching was done on film and prints using paint through an airbrush... As a photographer I have about 150,000 film negatives compared to today with as many digital files! I know have complete control over all of my creations thanks to technology... I've seen so much change in my life time and yet the subtleties of life still have me confused as to how I got to this point!

Maybe it doesn't matter, maybe I am just reflecting to hard on what was and maybe its about whats to come... I do know that that is a cool concept to accept as I love life and it complexities and I am sure all of my experiences are going to use somewhere, some how.. so watch out world... I ain't even close to done!

Ok thanks to the folks at WolframAlpha I can tell you that I was born on the 212th day in the 30th week of the year. The sun rose at 5:23 am and set at 7:54PM which made for a 14 hour 31 min day! The temperature that day was a mild 67 degrees F with about a 70% cloud cover. There was a waxing crescent moon that night looking over the city of Detroit who's population was 1.67 million people on that day!

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Mardi Reid said...

LOVE YOU CHRIS..I wish I had been there to attend your party!!!!!!49...who knew??MUAH!!!!