Saturday, July 25, 2009

By The Numbers: 480 Posts 100,000 Unique And Fabulous Visitors!

Epiphanynoir is growing now in leaps and bounds as we reached 100,000 unique visitors today. Averaging over 50,000 hits a month and thousands more page views! Here are some other stats via Google Analytics......

Top 20 country's:
1. United States_________11. Belgium
2. Canada______________12. Mexico
3. United Kingdom_______13. South Africa
4. France_______________14. Sweden
5. Germany_____________15. Australia
6. Brazil________________16. Japan
7. Spain________________17. Austria
8. Italy_________________18. Saudi Arabia
9. Netherlands__________19. Norway
10. Switzerland__________20. China

Some of the other stats are indicative of the user: 65% of my visitors use Google with another 21% using Yahoo and only 1.9% using Bing the rest is caught by other search engines around the world.
54% use Internet Explorer, 28% use Firefox, 15% use Safari with Chrome and Opera both pulling around 1.5%
41% use DSL, 34% use Cable, 17% are Mobile, 4% use T1 and finally 3% use dial up (sorry for the heavy page loads! But I still love ya for coming on!)

According to my blog is valued at $3019.92 which is down from an astounding $35,000 early last year when the blog market was generally out of control and over valued... I bet many of you didn't know there was a Blog Market... Its actually pretty cool for gagging possible ad revenue if one were to add ad sense or some other kind of advertising to their blog. So far I have not added advertisement to the blog because I do not have much control over what would be shilled in my name;-)

When I started this blog in September of 2005 I had no idea where it would go. The blog took awhile to gel but started its upward trend in October of 2007. In Blogging its about establishing readers who them selves are Bloggers and who will set up a link to your site from theirs. 75% of my success is to these kinds of links! And I really want to say thank you to all of you who linked my Blog! As an Artist it has introduced my work all over the world and it is very gratifying to see people come to the site! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Please come again and come often..and please tell your friends!

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