Monday, July 06, 2009

Part 1 - Javon

First came across Javon on Model Mayhem some months back... When I accessed his personal site link I found that this young cat has been working overtime on his dream to become a model.. I like his photos and his energy. Javon has worked with a who's who of south eastern Michigan photographers on all sorts of assignments and artistic shoots. I knew I wanted to do some shoots with him and with Pride coming up it seemed like a great opportunity to have him visit Toronto. Arriving Thursday and staying through Monday we had allot of opportunity to do different shoots in between all of the festivities!(see the previous Pride post) Something about our previous correspondence and conversations on the phone told me that we would find the creative zone to create some great work! The following Posts are just a portion of our collaboration! It was quite a weekend and I am very excited and honored to show off our work today!

Now aside from photography Javon has his own YouTube program.. JMS... In watching previous episodes I learned allot about this fun, energetic and sometimes sensitive guy!! This helped inform me in some way about who he was and how to approach my shoots. That aside for a moment...I wanted the show to go on while he was here in Toronto... We shot 4 episodes and it was a blast! So here they are for your enjoyment!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

For past episodes you can see them all at JMS!
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c0nn3ction said...

I really wish Javon good luck. I think he is GORGEOUS!! Amazing body and the sweetest cutest face ever. I see no reason why he should not make it as a model.


Christopher.... amazing pics as uaual!!!!